What does El Tepeyac mean?

Tepeyac is the location where the famous image of the Lady of Guadalupe was born. This is where Saint Juan Diego meets the Virgin of Guadalupe when referring to the Catholic tradition. This occurrence is said to have happened in December of the year 1531. The word Tepeyac also has other names like, the Hill of Tepeyac, Tepeyacac, and Tepeaquilla. But the most commonly used name out of all four names is the Hill of Tepeyac. All these names are referencing back to the moment when Saint Juan Diego and the Virgin of Guadalupe meet. Saint Juan Diego being a native Mexican peasant and the Lady of Guadalupe being the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the Catholic title. Tepeyac is located in the Mexican Federal District in a borough. This northernmost borough is called Gustavo A. Madero. This Catholic shrine is said to be one of the most frequented shrines in the entire world. It is also known to be the third most-visited sacred site in the world. This shrine is very popular because it is said to be, “the place of many miracles.” It is a place to worship according to the Catholic religion. There is a Catholic chapel at Tepeyac or the Hill of Tepeyac that was created by Spanish colonists.

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